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Agmo Studio Selects Innov8tif’s
EMAS™ eKYC for Remote Customer Onboarding

10 March 2021 by Innov8tif Blog

Malaysia’s top software development firm to incorporate AI-based digital identity verification solutions to improve user experience.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 10 March 2021 — Innov8tif Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (Innov8tif), the AI company offering digital identity verification technologies, announces a new partnership with Agmo Studio Sdn. Bhd., a multi-award winning software solution provider that offers Mobile + Blockchain + Web solutions to corporate and government agencies. Agmo Studio will promote implementation of EMAS™ eKYC into its mobile app solutions to create a seamless and secure digital onboarding experience. 


EMAS™ eKYC is a digital ID verification technology to support e-KYC (electronic know-your-customer) process and identity fraud management for 24/7 businesses. Its sole objective is to ensure the applicant is who they claim to be to a stated level of confidence prior to transaction dealing with businesses, as well as to improve quality of customer identity-proofing data. According to a study, 74% of the customers switch brands if they find the customer onboarding process complex.


“We are excited to partner with Innov8tif,” said Tan Aik Keong (AK), Agmo Studio CEO. “As it’s clear that many of our customers are looking for an e-KYC integration that offers a smooth and simple onboarding journey to their products, we believe our partnership with Innov8tif will be able to fulfil customers’ needs.”


Innov8tif is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company helping businesses to widen sales funnel, speed-up processes without paper and prevent frauds. Founded in 2011 from Kuala Lumpur, Innov8tif has expanded its market presence in Southeast Asia. Today, Innov8tif has acquired a proven track record with clientele from all the ten Southeast Asian countries. Innov8tif’s areas of specialisation are digital ID assurance, low-code customer onboarding process automation, and mobile biometric authentication.


This partnership expands Innov8tif’s footprint into Agmo Studio’s client base in various industries, including healthcare, oil and gas, logistics and more.


“We are proud to have a collaboration with such a reputable company like Agmo Studio. We hope with this partnership, our EMAS™ eKYC can further expand its features and can help other businesses to widen their sales channel with fast and easy customer onboarding,” said Joe Seah, Chief Commercial Officer, Innov8tif.