Who We Are

We are a digital solutions and application development specialist. Our solutions involve digitalising our customers’ business operations through the development of mobile and web applications as well as provision of digital platform-based services.


To ensure the mobile and web applications developed by our Group are in line with the latest market trends and demands, we stay abreast with the latest technologies used in the industry, and adopt these technologies in the applications developed by our Group, where applicable.

Our Vision

To become one of the leading digital solutions provider

Our Mission

To make lives better with technology


We are a digital solutions and application development specialist. Our solutions involve
digitalising our customers’ business operations through the development of mobile and web applications as well as provision of digital platform-based services, as follows:

(i) Development of mobile and web applications

(ii) Provision of digital platform-based services

(iii) Provision of subscription, hosting, technical support and maintenance services

Agmo Group

Principal business activities

Development of mobile and web applications 

Provision of digital platform-based services

Provision of subscription, hosting, technical support and maintenance services

Our offerings

-Mobile applications

-Web applications



-Agmo Health

-Agmo Loyalty

-Subscription and hosting services on Microsoft Azure, AWS and Huawei Cloud


-Technical support and maintenance services on mobile and web applications

Our customers

Businesses and companies from multiple industries/sectors, such as:




-Oil and gas


-Financial Services

-Government agencies

Businesses and companies including:


-Public listed companies




-Businesses and companies that engage our application development services


-Business and companies that do not engage our application development services

Our markets


-Hong Kong


-Sri Lanka



-People’s Republic of China

-United Kingdom


Development of mobile and web applications

Design and development

Each mobile and web applications developed for our customers are customised according to their requirements and hence, the components, technologies and type of development toolkit used for the development of these applications vary accordingly. Our Group also incorporates emerging technologies such as blockchain and/or XR in the development of mobile and web applications. There are 8 components under our Agmo Genesis framework include: Agmo Auth, Agmo Push, Agmo Social, Agmo Payment, Agmo Loyalty, Agmo Forms, Agmo Gamification, and Agmo Analytics


Prior to the deployment of mobile and web applications, our applications undergo user acceptance testing such as user experience testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing as well as device and platform testing to ensure meeting our customer requirements. All testings are conducted in-house except for security testing which is performed by third party testers.

Digital platform-based services

Our platform-based applications are a type of digital solutions developed by our Group that can be used by our customers (i.e. businesses and companies) to perform different tasks such as hosting events and connecting to/ interacting with customers as well as for e-commerce related transactions, amongst others. These platform-based mobile applications are owned by our Group, and our customers and authorised users can use these applications when given access by our Group. 



Our customers can also integrate some of these platform-based applications to their own mobile and/or web applications via API, whereby in such cases, our platform-based applications serve as a mini-application that allows our customers to carry out additional functions on their mobile and/or web applications. These platform-based applications are available for use by our customers on a per-usage and/or per-event basis based on the pre-agreed rates with our Group.


Our Group has applications under our provision of digital platform-based services, namely Vote2U, Eat2U, Agmo Health and Agmo Loyalty, with details as follows:


Vote2U is developed with various key functions and features covering:
– Online voting;
– Livestreaming;
– Interaction between participants (i.e. shareholders and proxies) and companies which allows participants to post questions to companies;
– Report generation including attendance report, voting report, proxy report and pre-vote report; and
– Security and authentication including electronic Know-Your-Customer (e-KYC) registration, [records of depositors (ROD) integration and blockchain audit trail].


Eat2U was developed and launched in July 2019. Eat2U is an online food ordering and delivery application that serves as a platform for food and beverage establishments seeking to expand their customer reach by listing their food and beverage offerings on this application.

The usage of Eat2U is provided on an SaaS model whereby it is accessed by our customers (i.e. restaurants) and users (i.e. consumers) through a web browser without the need to download and install on any devices. 

Agmo Health

Agmo Health was developed and launched in November 2021. Agmo Health is an online health consultation and prescription application developed to connect our customers (i.e. pharmacies) with licensed medical practitioners (i.e. doctors or health professionals) to obtain medical consultation for consumers (i.e. patients) virtually. 

Agmo Health allows our customers to communicate with the medical practitioners via text message and voice message functions integrated into the application. Our customers may also attach images in the text message function to share ailment images (e.g. dermatological-related conditions) with the medical practitioners as reference.

Agmo Loyalty

Agmo Loyalty was developed and launched in October 2020. Agmo Loyalty is a customer loyalty application developed for our customers (i.e. businesses and companies comprising mainly retailers) to enhance the loyalty of their customers. It incorporates loyalty and lifestyle features designed to assist our customers to promote customer loyalty via several functions such as points collection and points redemption. Through Agmo Loyalty, our customers are able to view their customers’ profile, purchase history and points collected.


Dato’ Low Hann Yong

Non-Independent Non-Executive Chairman

Tan Aik Keong

Non-Independent Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer

Steven Low Kang Wen

Non-Independent Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Lau Cher Han

Independent Non-Executive Director

Datin Yap Shin Siang

Independent Non-Executive Director

Mohd Fairuz bin Mohd Azrul

Independent Non-Executive Director


Tham Chin Seng

Chief Technology Officer

Cynthia Wong Yoke Wah

Head of Finance


MSC Malaysia Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (“APICTA”) 2012 Awards
Winner Award of Best of Media and Entertainment (for application named Masatu)
ASEAN ICT Awards 2012
Silver Award of Digital Content Category
MSC Malaysia APICTA 2014 Awards
Merit Award of Best of Startup Companies
MSC Malaysia APICTA 2017 Awards
Winner Award of Best of E-inclusion and E-community (for application named SyokDriver)
Asia Smart App Awards 2017
Certificate of Merit (for application named SyokDriver)
The Institution of Engineering and Technology Malaysia Industry Excellence Award 2019
Gold Award of Mobile App Category
MSC Malaysia APICTA 2020 Awards
Winner Award of Community Services (for application named Vote2U)
Asia Smart App Awards 2020
Certificate of Merit (for application named Doc2Us)
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Start-up investment programme

Successfully secured an investment of RM300,000 through participation in a start-up investment programme, namely 'Make the Pitch'.


Incorporation of Agmo Studio Sdn Bhd

Founded by Tan Aik Keong, Low Kang Wen and Tham Chin Seng.

Maiden consumer mobile application

Launched our maiden consumer mobile application namely ‘Masatu’, a social networking and photo-sharing application based on a time capsule concept.

Multimedia Super Corridor (“MSC”) Malaysia Status

Agmo Studio was awarded the Multimedia Super Corridor (“MSC”) Malaysia Status and was granted Pioneer Status.


Digital Solution Provider

we secured mobile application development projects from several notable companies. In the same year, we also secured our first web application project.

Mobile content management system (“CMS”)

The mobile CMS served as a foundation for the development of our Agmo Genesis framework which was formalised in 2015.


Potential prospects of NextProperty Ventures Sdn Bhd

NextProperty Ventures Sdn Bhd becoming one of our investee companies.

Agmo Genesis

Fundamental framework for our mobile and web application development projects to enhance the efficiency and speed of our project development lifecycles.

Doc2Us Launched

Platform that connects its users with a variety of certified healthcare professionals to obtain medical consultations and prescriptions.


Agmo Capital Sdn Bhd (“Agmo Capital”) was incorporated to hold the equity interests of our investee companies.

Invest in Heydoc

Heydoc International Sdn Bhd becoming our investee company under Agmo Capital.

Agmo Holdings Sdn Bhd (“Agmo Holdings”) was concurrently incorporated

Agmo Holdings Sdn Bhd (“Agmo Holdings”) as an investment holding company of Agmo Studio and Agmo Capital, and eventually became the holding entity to the subsidiaries incorporated in the following years.

Portfolio Expansion

We continued to enlarge our portfolio and EasyLaw was launched.


EzLaw International Sdn Bhd eventually became our investee company in 2018 through Agmo Capital, representing our first investment in the legal technology sector.


Electronic-voting (“e-voting”) mobile application developed using blockchain technology

Launched the first large scale e-voting via Blockchain in Malaysia with Multimedia University.

Eat2U Launched

Eat2U is a platform connecting restaurants and consumers to facilitate online food ordering and delivery.


Vote2U Launched under Agmo Digital Solutions Sdn Bhd

Allows public listed companies in Malaysia to conduct AGMs and EGMs virtually and shareholders to perform online voting for resolutions proposed by the companies, amongst others.

Achieved MDEC Technology Solution Provider under SME Business Digitalisation Grant

Achieved Microsoft Gold Partner status

Agmo Tech Sdn Bhd

Incorporated Agmo Tech Sdn Bhd to provide customised digital solutions for customers using emerging technologies like blockchain and/or Extended Reality (“XR”).


Agmo Strongbyte Holdings Sdn Bhd was incorporated

We incorporated Agmo Strongbyte Holdings Sdn Bhd for the development of customised digital solutions such as mobile and web applications using Java software to expand our product offerings.

Agmo Capital became a shareholder of NextRent Sdn Bhd and developed a mobile application, namely NextRent, that connects landlords and potential tenants to facilitate the rental of properties in Malaysia.

Agmo Sierra Holdings Sdn Bhd

Agmo Strongbyte Holdings Sdn Bhd underwent a name change to Agmo Sierra Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Set up a joint venture company, namely Zetrix Sdn Bhd (formerly known as MYBB Techchain Sdn Bhd)

Agmo Holdings has been appointed as the project manager for blockchain projects carried out by Zetrix Sdn Bhd in Malaysia for a duration of 42 months starting 1 October 2021.

2 partners joined

A total of 30.0% equity interests were issued to 2 shareholders, namely Tang Tung Ai and Fong Huang Yee,. They have also joined our group and are responsible for overseeing Java programming language-based application development projects.

WorkGrowth HRMS was launched

WorkGrowth HRMS as a human resources management system that automates and enhances the efficiency of human resources functions.

Agmo Capital became a shareholder of Advisonomics Sdn Bhd and we developed a mobile application, namely Advisonomic and is targeted to be launched in 2022.